Smoke's on Fire

Aroma Cigars It is said by many that old habits die hard. That adage couldn’t ring more true for smoking tobacco in its oldest form, the cigar. Not only has cigar smoking remained a constant, and been present throughout the settling of the Americas, but it has grown and adapted, seemingly relighting itself in today’s popular culture.

At no time in history has cigar smoking been as hot as it is right now, which is a laudable achievement because of the intensifying backlash against the use of tobacco across the country. A number of communities in the U.S. have proposed or adopted bans on smoking in a number of public places. Numerous magazines, newsletters and web sites are devoted to the cigars and those who appreciate them. It’s common place to see low quality cigars at almost every shop counter, as well as fully stocked humidors in liquor stores and wine outlets.

The cigars latest manifestation has come in the form of cigar bars and lounges. In almost every major city, one can be easily located. In these cool smoke spots, cigar retailers have fused the love of stogies together with wine cellars. This mixture, rounded out with live entertainment, has surprisingly created some of the hippest and most casual hangouts in existence.

“The cigar bar is a culmination of ideas, where cigar lovers and aficionados can come relax and converse in a comfortable setting, have a cigar and enjoy a glass of wine or fine scotch,” says James Morrow co-owner of Aromas, Jacksonville Florida’s hottest smoke room.

“They can sit down and relax for at least for the 30 to 45 minutes it takes to smoke a cigar,” he added. “Mixed with the music, it’s almost therapeutic for some people.”

Lighting up has now crossed over all social and cultural lines including gender, with women being one of the fastest growing consumers of cigars. Going into his fifth year of business at Aromas, Morrow has seen an increase in the number of his women patrons as well.

“Our customer base is extremely diverse,” Morrow remarked. “It started out mostly all male from age 35-60, but has rapidly grown to include more and more women.”

“ Women like our wine and martini selection and our environment is safe and cozy for them,” he added. “Plus they can try a cigar maybe for the first time, and not have to feel like an outcast.”

Many have embraced the idea of Aromas and similar spots, especially young adults. This has created, in some cases, new and broader customer bases. It seems cigar men like Morrow and their fresh form of cigar marketing aren’t just included in the sophisticated funseekers landscape of today, but may be already forecasting staying power down the road. “We may be part of making a change in how people will buy their cigars in the future,” said Morrow.

So you see, to see the future one must look to the past. Didn’t somebody say that too? Well if they did, and it holds any credence, Cigar smoking may be traditional institution whose embers have reignited, literally. So for better or worse, it seems one of the world’s oldest habits is on fi re again.

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