Nicklaus Academy introduces their Las Vegas "Driving Schools" Jack Nicklaus was regarded as 'the finest driver of the golf ball to ever to play the game'. With proper instruction, training and equipment, you too can reach your potential as an accurate, powerful driver of the golf ball. The Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge introduces a new comprehensive program designed to maximize both distance and accuracy off the tee. Hitting the ball farther is every player's ultimate desire. How to go about this requires the proper sequencing of the body to occur and your driver and ball dialed-in in order to optimize your ability.

The Nicklaus Driving School will utilize the integrated technologies of the Jack Nicklaus Coaching Studio including high-speed video, pressure/balance mat technology and our Doppler-Radar FlightScope ball flight monitor to dissect your swing, your weight/pressure distribution throughout the swing, your driver's angle-of-attack and the resulting ball flight characteristics.

The 2-Day program will also include individual sessions in the exclusive MotionGolf 3-D Imaging Studio that provides the ultimate in swing, body and club analysis. Every student's club will be evaluated to ensure the length, shaft and loft is matched to your ability, and ultimately your goal of hitting the ball further - and straighter. Custom club and ball fitting recommendations will be provided at the conclusion of the Driving School along with a CD of your before and after swing and launch data.

The Nicklaus Driving School at DragonRidge, lead by Seth Glasco, Director of Instruction, will address every aspect required to effectively and efficiently drive the ball with ½ day, 1-day and 2-day instruction programs. 4:1 Student-to-Instructor ratio, eight players maximum.

March 5 March 6 & 7
March 21 April 2 April 3 & 4
April 18 April 30 May 1 & 2
May 23 June 4 June 5 & 6

Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge

Option: Nicklaus Academy will provide your personal specifications to the driver manufacture of your choice and coordinate the custom-build of a new driver. The personalized driver will be shipped direct to your home or office address.

Lodging packages are available upon request. Contact the Academy for rates, details, additional information, and to reserve your space.

Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge
1249 MacDonald Ranch Drive
Henderson, NV 89012


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