OB Sports Executives to Speak at Golf Inc. Conference in Las Vegas

Phil GreenThe President of OB Sports Golf Management, Phil Green, will join two other industry professionals in a panel discussion covering the topic of how to recognize a golf facility that is a good candidate for a financial turnaround, and then, how to make it happen.

Vice President of Operations for OB Sports, Doc Belitz, will moderate the discussion that be held on Wednesday, Oct. 6th  at 10:30 a.m. as part of Golf Inc.’s annual golf conference hosted this year in Las Vegas, Nevada.

"We are looking forward to presenting and speaking on this highly relevant topic," says Green. "I think it will be very helpful to many at the conference to be part of a candid discussion regarding our proven ideas and practices associated with the implementation of a specific plan to guide stressed golf facilities back to vitality."

OB Sports has a proven track record of success with regards to assisting course owners increase rounds, decrease operating expenses, enhancement of the bottom line performance for both daily fee and private golf facilities. OB Sports is currently involved with 37 different golf courses and in each case is helping the respective course owners achieve their own unique goals.

“Some course owners seek pure bottom line return; some are positioning the course for a sale; some are trying to support the goals of other amenities such as a resort or housing development; some are country club boards trying to spend less time running a club and more time being a member; and some of our clients are even lenders who ended up with the course through foreclosure and are trying to work their way out of a tough spot. As ‘professional problem solvers’, we’ve become well versed in many of the current pressures facing golf course owners and we look forward to discussing these issues during our upcoming session at Golf Inc,” added Green. 




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