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Pressure is Just a Distraction

Pressure doesn’t delete your skill; it hides it because your mind isn’t focused where it needs to be. It’s focused on the physical feeling of pressure rather than on the actual shot. With too little to focus on the shot, you are basically multi-tasking and that is why you perform poorly.

Why you focus on the physical feeling of pressure?

  1. You don’t feel pressure too often, so because it is new, the mind pays attention to it more.
  2. You believe that pressure causes you to play poorly when in reality the feeling isn’t a problem at all. Even if you are visibly shaking, your muscles are primed to perform, not fail.

Try this exercise for proof that distraction causes the same problems you think pressure does:

  • Hit a shot while focusing on the physical feeling of your feet. Focus as much as you can on the feeling of your feet as you walk around to check your lie, pick a club and go through your routine. Stay focused on your feet as you settle into your set-up and throughout the golf swing.
  • The results are predictable. You’re distracted, feel awkward, and your golf shots are terrible. All by forcing your focus onto something of ZERO importance to the outcome of a shot; just like pressure.
  • Here’s the solution. First, take 3 breaths into the lower part of your stomach with the intent of clearing mental space to focus (not relax). Breathing into your stomach is important because that part of your lungs takes in the most oxygen and oxygen helps you focus. Second, remind yourself that pressure is fuel to perform. Third, use the pressure to focus on making the best decision for the shot, go through your routine and hit the shot. Lastly, challenge yourself. These shots are hard and taken that way you’ll perform better.

Jared Tendler, MS, LMHC, is a Mental Game Coach with proven results lowering scores of players of all ability. You can call or email him, at 480-240-8983 or jared@jaredtendlergolf.com.

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