The Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge Welcomes Marius Filmalter

As great as Jack Nicklaus was at driving the ball, he stood head and shoulders above his competitors when on the putting green - and especially when he 'had to make a critical putt'.

Throughout his 18 Major Championships, his ability to put the ball in the hole when it mattered most separated him from his competitors. Jack's prowess as a putter was never more evident than the clutch putts he holed down the stretch at the 1986 Masters.

The Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge welcomes Marius Filmalter, renowned short game instructor to over 60 PGA Tour Players and inventor of the TOMI Putting System, and invites you to join Filmalter and the staff at the Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge for specialized instruction that is sure to take valuable strokes off your game.

The Nicklaus Academy will host half-day putting clinics and 2-Day Short Game Scoring Specialty Schools featuring Marius and TOMI March 12-14 and May 7-9.

Filmalter’s successful teaching philosophy is based on principles and fundamentals (not theories) that surround putting and the short game. These principles are proven skills that are successfully implemented on a weekly basis by a growing number of PGA Tour Players.

Whether you choose a half-day putting clinic or the complete 2-Day Short Game Scoring Specialty School, you will leave with newfound skills and proven techniques that will lower your score.


$225 per player

  • Welcome and overview
  • Establish a putting handicap
  • Measure and analyze the putting stroke of each player on TOMI
  • Discuss the characteristics of the best putters
  • Drills and exercises to improve each players putting stroke
  • Practice distance control



$795 per player
DAY ONE - lunch included

  • Welcome and overview
  • Establish a putting handicap
  • Measure and analyze the putting stroke of each player on TOMI
  • Discuss the characteristics of the best putters
  • Drills and exercises to improve each players putting stroke
  • Reading greens, breaks, grain and downhill putts
  • Practice distance control
  • Practice directional control
  • Putting evaluation


DAY TWO - lunch included

  • Overview
  • Static scoring club evaluation - loft, lie, bounce, length, flex, grip
  • Establish a short game handicap
  • Club selection for each situation
  • Adjusting to various types of sand, grasses and lie
  • Controlling the spin of the ball
  • Understanding bounce, and the proper use of bounce
  • Drills and exercises to improve chipping, pitching, bunker play and specialty shots
  • On-course evaluation and instruction



Marius Filmalter has devoted the last 20 years studying and researching the performance of golfers. He is particularly focused on the fine motor skill movements utilized in the putting motion. He has measured more than 500 professionals and countless amateurs to establish the criteria for a successful putting stroke. Through this research, he has also determined the main differences between the top and bottom performers on the various professional golf tours. Together with the Ludwig Maximillian University in Munich and others, Marius developed new and more effective methods to facilitate the proper communication between mind and muscles. As a result of his studies, Marius was a prime contributor to the development of the SAM PuttLab and, more recently, TOMI, which scientifically captures the most important parameters of a putting stroke.

In collaboration with Hank Haney and Oklahoma Sports, Science and Orthopedics, Marius and Pierre Noizet conducted the comprehensive research on Motor Strategy Disturbances, otherwise known as the 'Yips'. The study shed light on the movement disorders that golfers suffer when plagued with this phenomenon.

Many professional golfers, including PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour players, seek and trust his advice with their putting stroke and short game. The extensive list of students include the current world No. 1 player Tiger Woods, 2003 Masters Champion Mike Weir, 2008 Masters Champion Trevor Emmelman, 2009 Fry' Open Champion Troy Matteson and young rising stars Sean O'Hair, Matthew Goggin and Hunter Mahan. Recently, Mr. Filmalter received the 2009 Golf Magazine Innovator of the Year award.

Contact the Academy for details, additional information, and to reserve your space.

Nicklaus Academy at DragonRidge
1249 MacDonald Ranch Drive
Henderson, NV 89012


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