19th Annual Ice-Tee Tournament to Tee Off on Frozen Lake Wallenpaupack

Ice Tee Golf TournamentAs biter temperatures spread to the Southeast this week bringing near-record cold to a region that seldom experiences conditions that would allow for snow and ice to accumulate, many golf courses had to at least delay starting times because of frosted fairways.

However, one golf tournament in northeast Pennsylvania favors frozen fairways and frigid temperatures over sun-drenched skies and ideal weather; call it a hybrid between your average Saturday scramble and a New Year's Day polar bear plunge. 

On Sunday, February 22, The Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau and the Hawley-Lake Wallenpaupack Chamber of Commerce will present the 19th Annual Ice-Tee Golf Tournament on top of a frozen Lake Wallenpaupack.

Donated Christmas trees that have been implanted into the frozen lake serve as markers for the tee boxes and greens, and four-inch deep holes cut into the ice serve as golf holes.

Two nine-hole golf courses will be constructed on the surface of the lake for the event that has drawn as many as 300 participants in the past. Rules dictate that golfers are allowed only three clubs, and club must be a putter. Ironically enough, summer rules will be in effect, meaning play the ball as it lies.

This will only be the second time the event has been held in the past four years. Warmer than usual temperatures and above average rainfall have rendered the lake unplayable in 2006 and 2008.

Ice Tee Golf Tournament"This annual event is always a hit with golfers and non-golfers, alike," says Carl Wilgus, president and CEO of the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau. "Their favorite Pocono Mountains courses are under a layer of snow right now, but golfers are extremely passionate about the sport, so it'll be a dedicated group that gets out and challenges Mother Nature for a round on frozen Lake Wallenpaupack."

According to tournament official Andrew Crouthamel, some participants can be found pulling full trailers of beer, while others take the golf rather seriously, making side bets and aiming for the overall prizes awarded to the winners.

The event is scheduled for 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Cost to participate in the Ice-Tee Golf Tournament is $15 in advance or $20 on the day of the event and prizes will be awarded. Visit www.hawleywallenpaupackcc.com or call 570-226-3191 for more details and an application.

About the Poconos and Lake Wallenpaupack

Located within a short drive from major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Philadelphia and Newark, golf options abound in the Pocono Mountains. This golf oasis is easily accessible and boasts something to satisfy every taste and skill level, from classic layouts that feature tight fairways and small greens, to expansive resort courses and modern gems.

Lake Wallenpaupack is an artificial reservoir in Pennsylvania. It was created in 1927 by PPL, the PA Power and Light Company, for hydroelectric purposes.

Lake Wallenpaupack is a center of recreation for the surrounding communities, providing boating and fishing access in the summertime, as well as ice skating and ice fishing in the winter.

The lake is 13 miles long, has 52 miles of shoreline, and is about 60 feet deep at its maximum depth.  


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