"P.G. and Me"

P.G. and Me Her name was P. G. No, she wasn’t the mascot for Pro Golf, but probably could have been. As an American Hairless Terrier, the world’s rarest breed of dogs, P. G. embraced any form of heat and loved to bask in the sun. As a typical female, she sported the latest fashion in her t-shirts (for the hot summer months), sweatshirts (for the fall) and “fido fleece” in the winter. She also carried sunscreen (45+) in her travel bag to protect her skin from the UVA rays. To keep her game sharp during the off season, P. G. chased after practice putts in the basement.

As we traveled across the state to distribute Michigan Golfer’s Guides, visit with clients or to play golf, P. G.’s unique appearance and spunky personality not only commanded attention, but allowed us to make a few exceptions to “the rules”. That sometimes meant the personnel at a  course looked the other way as she hopped in the golf cart with us. As we drove from tee to green, P. G. was often left behind chasing the squirrels or other critters that caught her attention. Then suddenly, upon hearing our distant laughter, she’d realize that we took off without her and dash like lightning after the golf cart. When she finally caught up with us, P. G. jumped up in the seat, panting with that twinkle in her eyes as if to say “whew -I made it!” 

Disrupting the entire grille at Fieldstone in Auburn Hills was a prime example of P. G.’s mischievous, but playful behavior. Darting through the chairs and under the tables was probably against FDA guidelines, but P. G. paid no mind to the rules. The one rule she did follow was to defer to Flo, the border collie, to chase the geese off the course since they were much bigger than she!

Acting as a prelude to my arrival at Devils Ridge in Oxford, P. G. would vanish from the pro shop into the banquet room- followed by me in hot pursuit- playing “catch me if you can!” The counter personnel stood sheepishly, hands over mouths, trying to quell their laughter.

Plenty of hot dogs always appeared when P. G. arrived at a golf course. And once again an exception was made, this time to her diet. But she was a happy little girl, that’s all that mattered.

Unfortunately no exceptions could be made when my little beloved friend, P. G., was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma and crossed the Rainbow Bridge in April. Her abrupt illness inspired me to inform pet owners about being more pro-active with their pet’s health care. As our little friends mature, they may display unusual behavior, have loss of appetite or show signs of lethargy, but it may not be due to “old age”. Ask more questions of your veterinarian and don’t hesitate to perform additional tests that could possibly prolong your friend’s life.

P. G. was included in all facets of my life. She is deeply missed by me and everyone that met her, but we realize that she still “plays on” in golf heaven. To honor P. G. and other 4-legged friends who may be fighting liver cancer, the P. G. Memorial Open golf tournament will be held in September. All participants are welcome. Please contact us at (248)851-8940 for more information.


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