Inverness Club in Toledo - Where Champions Come to Play

Inverness Club in Toledo – Where Champions Come to PlayTo have the opportunity to attract major sporting events like an NCAA Final Four, a city must have a great venue to host the event such as Houston has with Reliant Stadium. Toledo and northwest Ohio have that type of venue for professional golf. World-famous Inverness Club offers the challenge and the tradition to attract major golf championships and the legends that people want to see in person.

For nearly 100 years, Inverness has invested time and resources in order to share their renowned facility for major golf events. The Toledo Museum of Art has performed a similar role through the years by enabling people to see some of the most famous art exhibits in the world. Everyone, from businesses to individuals, benefits when you have assets such as these in a community.

Inverness Club in Toledo – Where Champions Come to PlayPeople of all ages do not have to be art experts to appreciate different aspects of our art museum. In the same way, a person doesn’t have to be a golfer or even know much about golf to enjoy coming to Inverness to watch a championship. The course is beautiful, easy to get around and there are a wide variety of vantage points to see the action. 

The players also love coming to Inverness. Most have been here before in their careers. Fan favorite Fred Couples, expected to be here in July, played his first U.S. Open at Inverness in 1979. Learn more about Inverness Club, the great champions who are coming and the ways you can support the Senior Open at


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