Secret Golf Website Exposed

That Offers Massive Free Perks to Michigan Golf Group Leaders

Undercover reporters for the Michigan’s Golfer’s Guide have uncovered a little know website based in Ann Arbor, that sends members, group golf special offers and astonishing bonus deals not available to the general public. Membership is apparently free and according to at least one member of the group we spoke to, astonishingly beneficial to its members.

Joe Prendergast said” I thought at first it was hoax when I signed up and they offered me a free trip to a high-end Florida resort, in peak season. But sure enough that’s just one of the several thousand dollars worth of perks I got when I took my group to one of their recommended courses, which I snagged at a substantial discount” Others we talked with raved about free rounds, equipment, VIP perks and upgrades that all come from Golf Group Leaks, twice monthly insider email offers.

Officials at the site would not comment on the massive extent of the discounts or reported fringe benefits but admitted that the discounts and bonuses were substantial and that membership in the site was still open and free for a limited time at

Might well be worth checking out!


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