Steve Dresser Golf Academy

Steve Dresser Golf Academy

80 Pinehurst Lane
Pawleys Island, SC 29585

P: 800.397.2678

Now located at 2 of the most prestigious courses in America:
  • True Blue Plantation
  • Caledonia Golf and Fish Club


MIKE SCHRODER, PGA Class A Professional
1996 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year, Appeared on the Golf Channel’s
Academy Live, Former PGA / Champions TOUR Professional

EILEEN KASK, PGA Class A Professional
Ranked in Top 5 in South Carolina by Golf Digest, Former Director of instruction
Stowe Mountain Resort Golf School

BOBBY MCCRIMMON, PGA Class A Professional
Former Director of Instruction for Direct Approach Golf School, Always recognized
as one of the top instructors on the Grand Strand

STEVE DRESSER, PGA Class A Professional
2004 Carolinas PGA Teacher of the Year, GOLF Magazine Top Regional Teacher,
Ranked Top 5 in the State by Golf Digest


Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of your game when playing on the Grand Strand.

Heavy Air
Our sea level air is very heavy which means the ball may not fly as far as it does where you live. I’ve heard this referred to as “The Beast of Myrtle Beach.” Players report carrying the ball ½ to a full club shorter than they do at home. Be sure to adjust accordingly.

Bermuda Grass
On the greens determine the grain by looking at the color of the grass. Light and shiny means down grain and faster while dark and dull means into the grain and the ball will roll more slowly.

In the fairway the lie may seem tighter than what you’re used to. Many are tempted to pick the ball clean but you’ll be best served by striking downward, even with a fairway wood.

In the rough the ball almost always sinks to the bottom. Open up the clubface a little, the longer grass twists it closed, and swing steeply into the back of the ball. Use plenty of loft and don’t be greedy!

It can kick up, especially close to the ocean. Learn to keep the ball low by positioning the ball back in your stance and your hands left of the clubface. Your follow through should be low and abbreviated while your left wrist stays firm. (For a right handed player)

Fairway Bunkers
Our sandy soil creates areas sometimes referred to as waste bunkers. To escape them, position the ball in the center of your stance, keep your lower body very quiet on the backswing and contact the ball on the descent striking the sand after the ball. Hybrids work very well here especially if you happen to hit behind the ball.

Pine Straw
Play it much like you would from a fairway bunker only be careful with your footing as pine straw can be slippery. Also be careful where you step while you are establishing your stance so you don’t accidentally move the ball before you swing at it.

Water, Water Everywhere
There are very few courses in the area where you can miss the fairway by 100 yards and still have a shot at the green. Here if you miss the fairway you’re likely to be in a water hazard or out of bounds. Do what you can to keep the ball in play off the tee to avoid all those penalty strokes.

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