Dr. Golf Custom Clubs and Repair

Dr. Golf Custom Clubs and Repair

Myrtle Beach, SC

P: 843-237-3362

Custom-fitted clubs have long been the norm on professional tours. Every tour player today plays with a set of clubs that have been Frequency Matched, Spine Aligned, and Loft & Lie set to his or her exact specifications.

The services of a professional club fitter are necessary to correctly build golf clubs with precise measurements that will maximize performance. While swinging the clubs correctly ensures a quality game, the addition of consistent club performance could improve handicaps by 30% or more.

Lanny Correll of Dr. Golf, a premier Miura dealer in Pawley’s Island, can attest to the importance of custom-fit, custom built golf clubs. Lanny and his son are two time past champions of the Martin’s PGA Tour Superstore National Father/Son Classic held every year in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Visit Dr. Golf’s website www.doctorgolf.us or phone 843.237.3362.

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