PGA TOUR Superstore - Broadway

PGA TOUR Superstore - Broadway

Myrtle Beach, SC 29577

P: 843-839-4653

PGA Tour Superstores are as passionate about improving your game as you are about playing it.

We demonstrate this every day by providing golfers with unparalleled selection, exceptional services and guaranteed low prices to help you take things to a whole new level - whatever that means to you.

And because our affiliation with the PGA Tour, every golfer has access to the same technology, expertise and Tour Van experience that the card-carrying professionals do.

To put it another way, the only thing PGA Tour Superstores can't do for you is provide more daylight hours to get in another nine.

PGA Tour Superstores are owned and operated by Golf & Tennis Pro Shop, Inc. (GTPS) and headquartered in Atlanta, Ga. GTPS is the PGA Tour's exclusive PGA Tour partner for off-course/off-airport golf retailing. Current PGA Tour Superstore locations include the Myrtle Beach (2), Atlanta, Phoenix and Dallas metro areas.

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