Bill Thibeault, PGA

Bill Thibeault, PGA

Ave Maria, FL

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Tuck Your Elbows IN to Sink More Putts

We all have those days where the putter just doesn’t feel good in our hands. It could be a lack of confidence with that particular club or just some nerves before a big match. This makes it very hard for us to attain a smooth stroke with the putter and will ultimately result in some “pulled” and “pushed” putts that are very untimely.

When you’re having one of those days, tuck your elbows in toward your abdomen while in your stance. This means the creases above your forearms should be turned outward, facing away from your belly. If done correctly, the stroke will be moved back in to the shoulders thus taking your hands (and your jitters) out of the shot.

Try this next time you’re on the practice putting green. It will help you make more short putts as well as help your lag putt speed.

$45.00 per 1/2 hour
$75.00 per hour

Group Instruction/3 or more
$30.00 ea. per 1/2 hour
$60.00 ea. per hour

All lessons include range balls before and after the instruction.

Bill Thibeault, PGA
Head Golf Professional
Panther Run Golf Club

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