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Ian Coleman

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Become a Putting Machine

Every golfer has heard the expression, ‘Drive for show, Putt for dough’. I can not begin to tell you how many times I have been intimidated playing with a terrific long ball hitter, who is just ripping it down the middle of the fairway 300 yards, thinking to myself, ‘how can I ever possibly keep up’? It is truly surprising however, at the end of that hole, or the entire round when the scores are added up, the final tally is very close, or, even on extremely rare occasions when I come out on top. How can this possibly be when I am being out driven 50 – 60 yards consistently? Well, it all comes down to putting. If I am holing out in one less stroke on the green then my long hitting opponent, then my overall scoring will be equal to, or better then theirs. Remember every stoke counts whether it’s off the tee, in the fairway, or on the green.

Let me give you a couple quick putting tips that have helped me. First and most importantly, survey the green and ask your self a couple of questions; is the putt up-hill, or downhill? Is the turf dry, or wet? Is my putt with, or against the grain? Then, look at the greens undulation, first by standing and looking and then crouching as low as possible. After you have ‘read’ the green, crouch behind your ball and point the logo of your golf ball in the direction of your projected path to the hole.

Now, align yourself perpendicular with the direction of the logo on your golf ball. Address the ball and make certain your hands, wrists and arms are as close to alignment with your putter shaft as possible. By this I mean, as you look down your arms to your putter shaft, they should appear almost one of the same, with no beginning or end, a straight line running up from the putter hosel to your shoulders. Take a couple pendulum type strokes, being very aware of the triangle your hands, arms and shoulders have created. With your nose directly over the ball, make a firm pendulum type stroke never breaking down that triangle you have formed and watch your golf ball track directly to the hole and disappear.

You have now become a putting machine. Practice this aspect of your game as often as possible. Remember, you use your putter more than any other club in your bag. I know driving is where the excitement is, but if you get excited about lower scores, then putting is where it’s at!!

As always, play well and have FUN!

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