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Tal Buchanan, PGA

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Proper Clubface Alignment

One of the major checkpoints that I review in all of my lessons is clubface alignment. A surprising number of my students have their clubface pointed nowhere near their intended target, making it very difficult to hit their shots on line. Clubface alignment is easy if you use a couple of simple techniques in your pre shot routine.

Never hit any shot (from tee shot to shortest putt) without first finding an intermediate target. Start three steps behind your ball in line with your target and find something (old divot, piece of dirt, blade of grass) from 6 to 8 inches in front of your ball on the line to your intended goal. Next, as you approach your ball align the bottom line of the clubface with this intermediate target making sure the bottom line of the club is positively oriented on a line over your intermediate target.

A quick checkpoint if you are not sure of your clubface is to come out of your posture a little bit, lifting the clubface 8 to 10 inches above the ground. Look at that clubface and if the bottom line is vertical (straight up and down) you are getting closer to having the face perpendicular to your target line. Misalignment of the clubface effects not only the initial direction of the ball, but the first movement of the club. When you have the clubface aligned and get the club started on the target line, it becomes much easier to hit shots where you want them to go.

By Tal Buchanan
Head Golf Pro, Heritage Bay G&CC

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