Beat the Dreaded Yips By Taking Charge of Your Putter

The dreaded Yips in your putting stroke. Wouldn’t it be great if the yips just want away like a bad cold? They can with a little positive thinking and practice. Take charge of that putter instead of the putter taking charge of you.

Drill: Go to putting green. Put your left hand only on putter grip and leave right hand off, Remember to keep upper part of left arm connected to chest turning during your putting stroke. You can do this by placing a pencil under your armpit keeping it there the whole stroke.

Rehearse with a good tempo back and through, focus on leading back of left hand towards hole and make sure left hand finishes past left foot. Check to see, if your left arm is still connected to your chest at the end of your stroke. So common for a putting stroke to fail right at the ball. Once you feel comfortable without a ball. Try it with some balls and sooner than later more putts will drop.

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