ACE CLASSIC Blog from Kathy Perrott

Today was a spectacular golf day and a spectacular opportunity, to see some of the golf greats who have inspired us to watch this game on TV every weekend. 

From Craig Stadler to Loren Roberts to Ben Crenshaw these pros hit the ball with spectacular grace and power. It sure is fun to watch as the crowds gathered today for one of the best Champions Tour pro-am tournaments in Florida.

Spectators lining the fairway and green of the Ace Classic saw two fantastic shots on the par 3 second hole. Both were amateurs who just barely missed a hole in one. One shot landed 18 inches away and the other was 8 inches from the pin. 

Jim Colbert proved himself to be a true team player taking the time to help each of his four teammate’s line up their birdie putts on the 2nd hole.

It was a great day for securing autographs as all of the pro golfers were very social and more than willing to provide a little chat along with their autographs.

To many spectators, Craig Stadlers facial expression makes him seem like he is unapproachable, yet when coming to the green and leaving it, he could be heard joking and conversing with all of his team mates. He really is “one of the guys”. 

Away from the greens and fairways near the parking lot many tournament sponsors and exhibitors could be seen getting their booths ready for the crowds who will be passing through their area during the next 3 days. Many people stop by to see what’s new and pick up a free sample here and there at the booths.

The real tournament starts at 8 AM on Friday, we will all be there waiting to see our favorites tee it up.


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