Always Use the Right Tool

Tal Buchanan, PGATal Buchanan, PGA
Head Golf Professional /Director of Golf and Instruction
(239) 353 2561

You’re in a greenside bunker - you always have to hit the sand wedge – right? Wrong; many times a different, lower lofted club is the right one for your situation.

Look at your golf bag as a “bag of tools.” It is important for your score to be able to reach in that bag and pull out the best tool for the situation. Let’s say that you are in the greenside bunker about 40 yards from the flagstick. Don’t automatically pull out the sand wedge. The use of a better “tool” will make the shot easier to execute and will allow you to hit those shots closer to the hole. Experiment using a wedge, 9 iron or even an 8 iron.

Set up normally as you would for a bunker shot, align feet to the left (to the right for left handers), clubface square to the target line (open to the line of your feet) and hit the shot just like you would a sand shot, impacting the sand behind the ball and keeping the clubface open through the shot. With a lower lofted club you will be able to make the same swing as a sand wedge but the ball will come out at a lower trajectory and carry farther. Less effort with better results, that’s what I’m talkin’ about!
As always, practice is required to master this shot and a visit with your local PGA professional is never a bad idea.

Look for Tal in the corner office of the pro shop or on the lesson tee; doing what he likes to do best; helping golfers to more enjoy the game of golf.


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