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The Golf DoctorMike Calbot is a professional
Swing Analyst and Master Golf Instructor

Is your goal to be a better golfer in 2011?

Practice alone doesn’t make perfect, “perfect practice makes perfect”

As a golf instructor your goal is to have your clients make improvements to reach their goals and have fun playing golf. For the past 38 years here in Southwest Florida I have worked with clients who practice but do not stick to the plan. You must stick to the plan to see the results. I call it a planned progressive practice programs. 

First we set realistic goals, and then we do a little thing I call mapping, which is watching the person on video with various clubs from different angles to see what is constant and what varies in the pre swing and of course in the swing itself. Once we have documented enough swings to clearly understand the persons strong and weak points we then start to build a presentation to explain the cause and effect of what is transpired. This of course is explained on the skill level of the client and is based on their game priorities, also taking into consideration physical assets and liabilities and prior experiences.

To be successful in golf it takes a simple formula, the knowledge, desire, dedication, determination and you will be successful. Why to practice, what to practice, when to practice, how to practice, how much to practice and of course the changing of the what, when and how much to practice, based on the progress or lack of progress towards the goal set. I always tell my clients to write down their practice sessions. What they would like to do in that session and some of their findings during that session. Maybe it was mechanical or feel sensation or mental attitude, only what they were doing on their mind not friends, family or work just this golf practice session. 

My advice for golfers who want to improve, seek out someone to help you understand the path to your personal success through” planned progressive practice” not just hitting balls, “Perfect Practice makes Perfect”.

Better Golf with the “GOLF DOCTOR”

Mike Calbot
Mike is the Director of Instruction at Old Corkscrew Golf Club
P:  239-482-0900


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