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boxgroove.comEven prior to the onset of the economic slump that continues to curtail consumer spending, private golf clubs from Columbus to California were rethinking their business practices, searching for innovative ways to generate revenue and attract prospective members.

Enter, an amalgamation of tee time search engine and social networking site that provides its users exclusive access to private clubs, while in turn bringing those clubs new streams of revenue by selling tee times to avid golfers who could very well become full-time members in the near future.

“ is designed to be very respectful of the private club experience,” said McRedmond Morelli, founder and CEO of Boxgroove. “As a result, clubs tend to see us as a partner with the course rather than agents of the golfer.”


Launched in June 2009, is an expanding online network of private golf clubs and individual golfers (members and non-members).

After paying an annual registration fee, Boxgroove users will have access to nearly 100 private clubs in 14 states. Golfers can book tee times by searching the Boxgroove network by metropolitan area, time and date. Available tee times and price matching the data the user provides are then displayed. From there, you just point, click and play. It’s that simple.

Some clubs give users the option of requesting tee times that will likely be granted if the selected time slots are available.

Both courses at Fort Lauderdale Country Club are available on

Participating clubs can also actively search for golfers to fill unsold tee times.’s player screening controls allow clubs to target tee times to specific golfers based on geography, club affiliation and/or handicap.

Like social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, Boxgroove users can create a unique profile. This profile can be as detailed as the user wants, and will often include general information, location, picture and more. Members can use this function as a networking tool to find potential playing partners and share thoughts on courses, equipment, golf travel, etc…

Boxgroove members who are already affiliated with private clubs can also offer hosted rounds at their clubs, whether it’s in an effort to attract new members or to gain access to other member’s clubs. This feature allows private club members to expand their network of courses.

Users have utilized Boxgroove to book a weekend round, test out a club they might potentially join or even to entertain business clients.

“During the Ohio Jewelry Show I had some clients that wanted to play a round of golf,” said Kristi Nicolosi, principal owner of Kingswood Company. “I joined on a Wednesday and made a request for a noon tee time at a prominent private course in Columbus. That Friday I was teeing off with three clients for a great round of golf.”


The Boxgroove network of clubs stretches from Maine to Washington State, and includes 14 states in total. With almost 800 users and nearly 100 private clubs participating, already covers a large section of the country less than a year after its launch.

“We see 2010 as our true, first year in business,” said Michael Hall, chief information officer of “Last year the focus was on getting the service up and running, creating brand awareness and providing the value of the concept. We now have the ability to demonstrate the value and functionality of our service. We are confident this will broaden club enrollment in 2010.”

In South Florida alone, Boxgroove offers its users close to 20 pristine private courses to choose from. For a complete state-by-state directory of participating clubs, please visit The Web site also provides video testimonials, FAQs and information on joining.

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