Practice With Purpose!

Ian Colemanby Ian Coleman
Director of Golf Sales Bonita Bay East

Everyone has heard that old Vaudeville routine….”How do I get to Carnegie Hall? Practice…practice…practice.” This is so true, if our intention is to get better at anything, we must practice at it. Golf is no exception, but just don’t go over to the range and start banging balls until your hands bleed. Have a purpose, a plan, some aspect of your game to work on, that you can quantitatively measure and walk away from your practice secession with a sense of accomplishment.

As you get started, remember the basics, grip, posture, stance and tempo. Keep a still and steady head, a whole bunch of swing flaws can be overcome with good posture and a still head, right through impact. So many times I see people at the range hitting inconsistently poor, weak shots as a direct result of their head and shoulders moving, or bobbing, or looking up and down the range before they have even made contact with the ball. Remember, it’s not how hard or fast you swing, but how measured and balanced your swing is.

Listen for the wooosh…you can very easily practice tempo rhythm and balance by simply turning your club upside down and grip the blade end, having the grip end down where the blade normally is. Now, start making practice swings and listen for that wooosh sound. You want it to be as close to the impact area as possible. That is where you want the full amount of club head speed, in that 18” impact zone. You will be surprised how quickly you start to swing with proper tempo, rhythm and balance. Keep this up and make 25 practice swings really feeling and zeroing in on that motion. Then turn the club back around to its normal position and start to hit balls with that same rhythm you just honed. You will be surprised how much more control you think you have and as a result, increased distance and accuracy.

So go out and practice, but do it with a purpose in mind and you will be surprised just how quickly you start to see positive results on the course. Have fun and play well!


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