Tal's Ten Point Check for Better Golf

Tal Buchanan, PGATal Buchanan, PGA
Head Golf Professional /Director of Golf and Instruction
(239) 353 2561

1. Alignment – always use an intermediate target (every shot) in your pre shot routine. Remember that you must be aligned parallel with your target line.
2. Posture – stand erect, bend at waist so that your arms hang over the end of your toes clap your hands together then slide your lower hand down to the point it would be on the club – you’re set!
3. Clubface – if you have difficulty feeling a square clubface you can raise the club a couple of inches, this will allow (by the vertical orientation of the club) to see if the club is “square” to your line
4. Ball position – looking at yourself in the mirror (full face) while bending from the waist clap your hands together – sliding your right hand down to where it would be on the club notice how the triangle created by your arms and shoulders is “skewed” toward your front foot. The extension of a line in the middle of this triangle will indicate your proper ball position.
5. Wrist hinge – take your address position, now hinge the club straight up in front of you with your wrists. This motion will simulate the proper wrist hinge in your swing. Remember you hinge your wrists rather than rolling your forearms.
6. Takeaway – the club always stays on the target line in the first motion in the swing. Be careful not to take the club back inside the line – this is called trapped!
7. Radius of arc – the bigger your circle the more powerful and the straighter you will hit the ball. Always strive to increase your swing radius – the wider your swing the better.
8. Release – split your hands on the golf club and make a few full golf swings. Make sure to allow your bottom hand to get over your top hand in your follow through. By splitting your hands you will better feel what your bottom hand must do in the proper release.
9. Finish position – take any club in your bag and turn it upside down holding the club just under the head by the shaft in your right hand (for right handers left hand for left handers). Now simulate the swing making an “L” position at the top of your backswing and swishing the club through impact to a full finish. At your finish position your eyes, shoulders and hips should be parallel with the horizon and the club will finish between your shoulder and your ear. This is the swish drill!
10. Always remember to have fun on the golf course. A smile will always cut strokes off your score!

Look for Tal in the corner office of the pro shop or on the lesson tee; doing what he likes to do best; helping golfers to more enjoy the game of golf.


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