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Your Guide to Niagara

Home to the majestic Niagara Falls, which cascade into Canada and the United States, the Niagara area has consistently ranked as a popular tourist destination in North America. The recent addition of a number of championship golf courses has only increased the profile of this region.

One Canadian golf course designer said, “A great golf course should come out of the landscape effortlessly, as if the holes were already there.” This couldn’t be truer than in Niagara. With dozens of courses blending golf-specific scenery with the area’s existing beauty, the Niagara area is home to some of the most visually appealing properties in Canada.

In addition to great golf and the legendary Falls, Niagara has a lot to offer. There is entertainment for all ages to enjoy, exceptional accommodations, a slew of cultural events and festivals, Casino Niagara, theme parks, historic sites, botanical gardens and scenic parklands, all easily accessible from New York State.


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