Study Finds Golf Generates More Than $11 Billion for Canadian Economy

Golf in CanadaThe Canadian Golf Industry generated $11.3 billion in economic benefits across the nation, according to a recent economic analysis conducted by Strategic Networks Group, Inc. on behalf of the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA).

The Canadian Golf industry employs the equivalent of 341,794 people through direct and spin-off effects, generating more than $7.6 billion in household income. The industry also contributes more than $29.4 billion in total gross production through direct and indirect and induced spending; generates more than $1.2 billion in property and other indirect taxes; as well provides an estimated $1.9 billion in income taxes used to support a variety of programs for all Canadians.

“Today is a landmark day for golf in Canada,” Executive Director of the NAGA, Steve Carroll said when the findings were released. “The study outlines the considerable scope and magnitude of the impact of our sport on the Canadian economy while providing a benchmark for the Canadian golf industry to measure itself against moving forward. I’m especially proud of the tremendous synergies that came together among all the NAGA partners on this monumental study for our industry.”

Based on a nationwide survey of more than 4,000 golfers and 350 golf courses in 10 provinces and three territories, the Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study provides the first comprehensive and independent assessment of the economic impact of the golf industry in Canada.

The study was conducted on behalf of NAGA by Strategic Networks Group (SNG), a world leader in econometrics of economic development for communities, regions and industries.

"The Canadian golf industry creates a significant economic impact for the nation, which benefits all residents of this country," said Tom McGuire, SNG’s vice president, North America. "The recreational opportunity and business of golf is a great national driver of economic activity, and every province in Canada offers a different experience for those who enjoy the game and those who benefit from the facilities that golf courses provide this country."

One of Canada's most successful golf exports - Mike Weir

The announcement of the Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study was made during a press conference held at the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame and Museum. Leaders from all of the NAGA partner associations were on hand to take part in the announcement.

Highlights of the Canadian Golf Economic Impact Study:

The game of golf accounts for an estimated $11.3 billion of Canada’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP), which includes:

• 341,794 jobs

• $7.6 billion in household income

• About $1.2 billion in property and other indirect taxes

• About $1.9 billion in income taxes

Golf in Canada generates an estimated $29.4 billion in total gross production through direct, indirect and induced spending impacts.
The total direct economic activity (total direct sales) resulting from the Canadian Golf Industry is estimated at $13.6 billion. Of this total, the revenues generated directly by golf courses and their facilities and stand-alone driving and practice ranges ($4.7 billion) rivals the combined revenues generated by all other participation sports and recreation facilities in Canada.

Canada's Tobiano golf course

Additional key benefits and impacts of golf in Canada include:

Environmental Benefits – Over 200,000 hectares of green space managed by golf course operators, including 41,000 hectares of uncultivated wildlife areas under golf course stewardship.

Golf Participation – SNG estimates that about 70 million rounds of golf were played in 2008, a level of play that was as much as 10% off the average number of rounds based on prior years.

Employment Opportunities – The Canadian Golf Industry provides an excellent employment opportunity, with as many as 43% of those employed at Canadian golf courses being students.

Impact on Property Values – The location of houses adjacent to golf courses provides benefits to homeowners that stem from higher home values compared to similar homes that are not adjacent to courses. SNG estimates the total incremental impact on home values at $1.39 billion.

Charitable Activity – Each year there are at least 25,000 charitable events hosted at Canadian courses. Conservatively, these events raise more than $439 million for charitable causes across Canada.

Golf Tourism – Canadian travelers make more than 1 million trips involving golf, spending an estimate $1.9 billion annually on golf-related travel within Canada.


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