Guaranteed Golf - 25 Years of Golf Improvement

I know what you’re saying already, the only thing guaranteed in golf is the frustration of trying to succeed at playing it. But Dave Christensen’s dedicated his career to “guaranteeing” a golf swing you can live with. Not with just a one-size-fits all philosophy you’ll hear from the “guru’s” of the game, but with ideas and theories that have actually been lab-tested at Ohio State.

That’s right, lab-tested. With the help of some of OSU’s biomechanics and mechanical engineering experts, Christensen’s been able to test several of the methods and concepts that he’d developed in his many years as a PGA Professional, using computers and high-speed film. What he left campus with was not just theories, but proven methodologies that he’s used ever since to sharpen the games of over 20,000 golfers of every ability, from beginners to touring professionals, and grown Guaranteed Golf into the #1 learning center in Ohio over the past quarter century.

Much of the Guaranteed Golf message is in HOW you practice as much as WHAT you practice. Christensen’s formula is to help you learn to make the proper moves, then commit them to memory so you can repeat them over and over without even thinking about them. That’s why his lesson plans aren’t a single hour of study once or twice, or even two and three-day packages. For Guaranteed Golf to work, players work with their pros for at least 8 weeks of sessions, but at the end of that 8 weeks, you will see progress, guaranteed. And at a stunningly affordable price of $169 with discounts for families.

The best guarantee in Guaranteed Golf is that Christensen and his staff of PGA professionals, all top-notch teachers in their own right, will stay with you down the road as well, offering many free “tune-ups” for their improving golfers over the years. The Tour pros have this type of long-term relationship with their teachers, why not the rest of us?

And successful? Guaranteed Golf has expanded to Dayton; the Cleveland/Akron area; Indianapolis; Tampa/Sarasota; Davenport, IA and Jackson, MS.

For more information on classes at Guaranteed Golf, visit www.guaranteedgolf. com or call (614) 457-GOLF. Dave and his colleagues can’t promise you’ll conquer the game, but they do pledge to help you turn your frustration into forward momentum that should lead you to want to practice and develop your game even more.


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