Pro's Tip - Can I Swing Like Tiger?

Sure you can. Assuming that you have his build, athleticism, strength, flexibility, and work ethic, it shouldn't be a problem. For most of us, the similarities end with the fact that we both play right handed! So many golfers attempt to copy the swin of a tour player, but don't choose a player with the same physical characteristics. Having a good match to your physical characteristics and your physical capabilities is vital. Someone that has a similar build to Tiger's, and is fairly athletic, may be able to use Tiger as a model. If your build is more like Craig Parry, who is much shorter and stockier, you may want to use someone like Craig as your model. I utilze V1 video analysis software, and that allows me to bring up a number of players for comparison. It's extremely important, both for your ego and your golf game, to be compared with someone comparable to you physically. I've found that often the best side by side comparisons are before and after swings from the same golfer. Let's see how you compare to your swing from 30 days prior. This will show you how you have improved relative to you...not a prefect "Tour" swing. Next time you watch golf on television, try to choose the men and women that have your physical characteristics. Have the correct model in mind, and learn to make your best swing.


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