golfTEC...Proven Path. Proven Results.

golfTECFor over 15 years, GolfTEC has been helping golfers of all ability levels find improved consistency and greater enjoyment on the golf course. With over 140 locations nationwide and over 2 million lessons given, GolfTEC has secured its place as the undisputed leader in golf improvement.

In central Ohio, GolfTEC will celebrate its 5th Anniversary at Easton in April. Collectively GolfTEC Certified Personal Coaches in Central Ohio have taught over 33,000 lessons to 5000 clients since opening in 2005, making them some the most experienced instructors in Ohio.

With their unique “five factor approach” to golf instruction, GolfTEC’s proven path has a 95 percent success rate. While most golf instruction facilities offer limited options for improvement, only GolfTEC has all five factors needed for maximum improvement and lasting results:

Fact-based Diagnosis

  • Sequential Lessons
  • Video-based Practice
  • Advanced Retention Tools
  • Precision-matched Clubs

All GolfTEC instruction is given by Certified Personal Coaches using a proprietary software system, g-SWING. This patented system combines digital video with motion measurement, capturing body positions from setup to finish. Using a database of over 150 tour players, GolfTEC is then able to provide objective feedback to make sure your swing contains the key motions and mechanics that are essential to every successful golf swing.

All of this is captured on video for the client to get instant feedback and see exactly where their swing needs work. Afterwards, the entire lesson is uploaded to each client’s personalized WebLesson® which gives them 24/7 online access to swing videos, lesson notes and drills.

With the two GolfTEC Improvement Centers in the Columbus area, a better golf game is only a short drive away. For more information on GolfTEC and their proven path to proven results, contact one of the locations listed below.

golfTECGolfTEC Easton
Inside Golfsmith
3695 Easton Market
Columbus, OH 43219

GolfTEC Dublin
Inside Golfsmith
7649 New Market Center Way
Columbus, OH 43235


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