Residents Golf Club America

Residents Golf Club AmericaResidents Golf Club America, popularly known as RGCA, is the nation’s leading golf club comprised exclusively of residents from communities of the top home builders and property management companies who are licensed by RGCA to offer golf memberships as a sales or rental incentive.

Oakwood Management Company, the largest manager of residential properties in Columbus, Ohio has been a licensed RGCA Sponsor for over six years and knows firsthand the power of this rental incentive and its impact on occupancy.

As Oakwood Marketing Director, Christine Canavan, is quick to point out “our decision to become an RGCA Sponsor and offer golf memberships as a rental incentive was frankly very easy. Oakwood recognized that lifestyle was becoming a major focus of today’s renter and that a program, such as RGCA, would be extremely attractive to renters seeking the greatest lifestyle value in a highly competitive rental market.”

Importance of the RGCA program on lifestyle rental decisions is best illustrated by Jeff Klein, an executive with Roxane Laboratories and resident of Asherton of Dublin Apartments. “When I transferred to Columbus, the opportunity to play free golf as an Oakwood resident is why we rented at Asherton, an outstanding professionally managed community.”

As Oakwood indicates in its advertising, the RGCA membership is totally free to a resident signing a lease at one of their participating communities. As a member of RGCA, the resident and their guests play golf with golf cart totally free at all RGCA participating golf courses, with no hidden extras. As the ad indicates, Sign a Lease and Tee-it-Up!

RGCA contracts with the top public and private golf courses in each major market area and then pays the golf course for each round of golf played by RGCA members, which includes full green fees and golf cart rental. Participating golf courses, such as Cumberland Trail, are quick to point out, “The RGCA program continues throughout the seven years of our participation to be a boon to golf like no other program we have participated in and we particularly appreciate the exceptional quality of players the RGCA program brings to our course”.

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