Oakwood Management Company

Residents Golf Club AmericaResidents Golf Club America, popularly known as RGCA, is the nation’s leading golf club where members are comprised exclusively of the residents from participating apartment and condominium communities.

RGCA establishes contracts with the top public golf courses in each major market area, which provide members of RGCA the opportunity to play their golf course totally free with golf cart. All golf charges are subsequently paid to the golf course by the RGCA sponsor for that market area.

Oakwood Management Company, the largest manager of residential properties in Columbus, Ohio, is the exclusive sponsor of RGCA in central Ohio. As an RGCA sponsor, the participating properties of Oakwood have obtained hundreds of rentals by offering the RGCA membership to prospective residents.

Membership in RGCA, which is free to a resident, provides the resident and their guests totally free golf, including golf cart, at the top participating public golf courses in their area.

Property management companies such as Oakwood, who become an RGCA sponsor, enjoy the total exclusivity of this rentalincentive for their market area, which is fully protected by RGCA under United States patent and copyright laws.

More information can be learned about RGCA and Oakwood Management by clicking on www.RGCAmerica.com.

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