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Thousands of tournaments are held in the GTA every year and many in the name of a charitable organization. The challenge, of course, is that many tournament organizers assume that “if they build it they will come”. But those days are gone and with o many events vying for that Corporate philanthropic dollar organizers are being forced to “observe, adapt and overcome”.

Companies are deluged with opportunities to channel their charitable contributions – all promising the exposure to a demographic that will potentially purchase their products but more importantly they will be contributing to the “cause”. In the past the “cause” would have been enough but with explosive growth of “charity” events the “cause” is being considered in parallel with the “WIIFM” – What’s In It For Me.

No area is as vital as the recognition of Partners and Sponsors. It’s also the easiest, most affordable way to increase the power and perception of the partners that provide and pave the revenue stream for the event.

While traditional hole signs have long been a mainstay for Tournament hosts, digital display utilizing plasma displays and LCD projection can often have significant effects on player and sponsor perception. By offering unique imaging opportunities for sponsors in the form of dynamic logos, public service announcements, and broadcast quality commercials, you increase their sense of participation, exposure and ultimately their pride of being appreciated for their contribution – the “WIIFM”.

If you are intent on staying with “static signs” then make sure your presentation is professional and well thought out. The improvement in high definition digital graphics has allowed CGT Events to showcase even the most discerning sponsor with a quality presentation.

Ensuring that these high quality displays are seen is critical. High traffic areas, multi-coloured or full coloured backgrounds on tee signs, all give a positive perception to acknowledging the contribution of those who made the tournament a success. And be sure that the fixture presentation is as complementary as the sign by using custom sign holders or banner frames to ensure that the sign/banner is presented in a way consistent with the message you would like to deliver to your sponsor.

Your success will be directly proportional to the uniqueness of the event and the way your participants and partners are treated. If they feel as if they received as much or more in return for their contribution (“WIIFM”), then it is very likely that your attrition rate will be minimal and your event will continue to be a success.

To learn more about improving your event, contact me at CGT Events – 1.800.431.8251 x226.


Dave Valcourt, President, CGT Events


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