The Dawn of a new empire

Looking at the stately Roman column that is the focal point of the InVicta Club logo or seeing the richness of the Web site, one cannot help but feel the essence of what InVicta translates to in English – “unconquerable”! You’ll quickly appreciate th sense of quality and privilege when you understand that a membership in the InVicta Club delivers unprecedented privileges at some of the Greater Toronto Area’s best golf properties. Put this together with some of the finest golf courses, spas and yacht, business and athletic clubs around the world and you have a very special club.      
The InVicta Club is a membership club that provides privileges at a worldwide alliance of upscale golf and non-golf clubs. It was started in San Clemente, California, and has been expanded to key golf clusters throughout North America and is beginning its development in various markets throughout the world. It has recently come to Toronto with its first courses having welcomed members in May of this year. Joining InVicta Club for 2002 are Angus Glen, Ballantrae, Hawk Ridge, Hockley Valley, Pheasant Run, Royal Woodbine, Taboo at Muskoka Sands, Tangle Creek and Whistle Bear. New courses are being added all the time.

Golfers join InVicta Club and immediately show up on InVicta Club’s worldwide database. Within seconds, you can be playing in any part of Toronto or the world, and you will be welcomed as a valuable member. You receive a 20 percent discount at all times off green fees and golf carts, and are not short-shifted to off-peak times. Even your guests are treated to a 10 percent discount. In addition, you are afforded advanced tee time booking privileges. Further, no matter where you go, you receive these benefits at any InVicta Club member facility.

Once you are a member, you are given a personalized Web page on which you can see member news and specials that are presented exclusively to InVicta Club members. You can track your rounds that you have played and can even track cash that you receive if you refer a friend to join. You can also check the details about courses throughout the system.

InVicta Club offers a ticket service to its members for concerts, sporting events and theatre. You can also search for and book a spa at 850 locations throughout North America and receive a 7-10 percent discount as an InVicta Member. More benefits are being constantly added.

You can experience this impressive array of clubs and privileges by joining online at, visit one of the participating clubs and ask to join, or phone (416) 488-1955 and let InVicta Club know that you want to join the club.

Let us know you are a Golfer’s Guide reader, and you will receive a 50% discount off of your initiation fee!


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