The Club at Bond Head Announces Innovative Training Centre and help for Young Professionals

The Club at Bond Head, one of Canada’s premier golf facilities, is set to get even better with the start of the 2007 golf season.

The facility just north of Toronto recently established The Golf Institute at Bond Head, a world-class state-of-t e-art teaching and coaching facility. This is Canada’s first comprehensive golf performance centre.

Included in this 1,200-square-foot facility are three performance studios, each offering the latest in technology including K-Vest, Trackman, Mental Golf Workshop, 3-D Motion Reality Golf, four camera Golf Video Lab and the Golf Kinetics Performance and Injury Management Lab.

This state-of-the-art facility will be under the direction of The Club at Bond Head’s Director of Instruction Bruce McCarrol, Canadian PGA Master Professional and 2004 PGA Teacher of The Year and Director of Golf Kinetics, Kevin Honsberger.

As well, the Club at Bond Head is hoping to assist Canada’s top young male and female golf professionals with their games. Too often, talented young pros can’t afford to get proper training, access practice facilities or even find a place to play.

Now, The Club at Bond Head is stepping up to help out these players by offering a assistance program of $10,000 per player for up to five professionals as well as free access to the facilities, courses, coaches and technology at the site.

PGA Tour star and The Club at Bond Head representative Ian Leggatt has signed on to mentor each of the players and to sit on a committee to help select the most worthy candidates for sponsorship.

“Now any player can have access to the technology that is used by the best PGA Tour players,” said Leggatt “Too often young players don’t get the support they need. In Canada players have missed the opportunity of playing on the PGA and LPGA tours because of a lack of funding. Bond Head is leading the way in changing the future of our promising professionals”

To qualify for this program, professionals should submit via e-mail to Nigel Hollidge ( a one-page letter that outlines their present sponsorships and career aspirations.
A committee composed of Dan Keogh (former Canadian Tour player and Industry Executive), Ian Leggatt (PGA Tour player), Bob Weeks (Editor, SCOREGolf Magazine), McCarrol and Hollidge will assess the applications make the selections.

For further information contact

Nigel Hollidge

Director of Golf Properties

Giampaolo Investments Limited

905 778 9400 ext 229


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