David Collins, Director of Sales, Eagle Creek Golf Club

Unlike the PGA Tour, second place in Business Development does not pay very well. The following information will help differentiate you while building a better relationship with your clients and prospects.

Everyone remembers who introduced them to the game and has a special spot in their heart for that person. So with that being said, why not be the person who introduces all your clients and prospects that don’t play golf to the game. It will give you a built in excuse to get them out to the golf course and a reason to call them for more than business.

The following is the road map I would use to become someone’s hero.

  1. Hire a Golf Professional that understands how to interact with beginners and get them excited about the game.

  2. Invite your clients and prospects for 2 hour clinics once a week for a month that focus on the fundamentals.

  3. Make sure there are games within the clinic to keep it fun.

  4. After the clinic series, invite these same folks out for 9 hole SCRAMBLE EVENT when the golf course is quiet so there is no pressure. Plus you can negotiate a good price from your golf professional.

  5. As these folks get better, you can invite them out for a round of golf and play scramble so there is no pressure.“Well, gee, golf instruction and greens fees are expensive.” That is true Sparky, but so is continually replacing your clients. Just think, if you don’t do it, your competitor will.

Microwave Version- Your client is put into a situation where they need to play golf next week and they have not picked up a club in forever. First things first, get them out for a quick lesson and include on how to play “ready golf” Next, hire the golf professional along with yourself and play Scramble. It takes a lot of the pressure off.


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