Golf Happens In The Space Between Your Ears

Beth Pry, M.A., Ch.T.If you know golf, you know that golf is a game of mental agility, focus and concentration. We all know how to focus, right? Well, not necessarily. Being focused is a learned response. It takes concerted effort and sometimes, especially when distracted, our ability to fixate on one object is stunted causing us to become frustrated, anxious and even angry.

To complicate things for all you golfers out there…lessons, videos and practice can only take you so far, which furthers your frustration level. You might say to yourself, “I am practicing and why am I not improving?” How do you get the upper edge to play with the same concentration and determination of Tiger? Quite simply. You learn how to control your thought patterns, which shift your perception and ultimately change your behaviors. Consequently, you play better, more consistently, and far more relaxed, culminating in a lower score at the end of your round. 

To control your thought patterns and create behavior changes, you must gain access to your subconscious mind where all information is stored. When physically and consciously relaxed, the subconscious is open to new positive suggestions that encourage change. Also, our ability to visualize is enhanced, and we can actually practice our best golf shots when we are relaxed to this level. In this deeply relaxed state, we can have all of the same sensations that we experience on the course. The pivotal difference is that this practice is focused, concerted and on purpose.

The best way to teach ourselves to focus, concentrate and ignore distractions is to experience hypnosis from a trained professional. Hypnosis will cause you to become so relaxed, thus gaining access to the part of the brain where change takes place. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon. If you have ever driven and missed an exit, you were in a self-induced state of hypnosis. A trained hypnotherapist will guide and train you to be focused on demand.

Assuredly, you have heard athletes refer to being “in the zone.” After golf hypnosis, you will welcome distractions as they become a reminder to relax and focus. Also, this ability to focus and relax can be used in all the other areas of our lives where we may not feel in control. Hypnosis is also commonly used for weight reduction, smoking cessation, pain management, overcoming traumas and fears and addiction elimination. Consider hypnosis and put the fun back into living!

Beth Pry is owner and operator of Mind-Links Golf and holds a Masters degree in Counseling Communication. She is also a certified hypnotherapist. She is a member in good-standing with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Beth has helped hundreds of individuals overcome a multitude of challenges and has a fondness for working with golfers. Whether you are looking for individual sessions or group presentations, Beth provides a fun and interesting outlook. She can be reached at (407) 310-5228 or


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