Impact Stretch

Impact StretchI’ve noticed a new addition to Nick Faldo’s golf bag. It’s not a new putter or the latest high tech driver. No, he has something much simpler. Every time Nick has been out to the Institute lately he has had a resistance tube in his bag and they are wonderfully versatile. They can be used not only for strength training and stretching but for improving one’s technical aspect of the game as well.

I would like to give you a stretch that can also highlight the proper feel of impact. Anchor the tube, about hip high, in a door, golf cart, or simply have someone hold one end for you. Adopt your normal address position with your left arm behind your back or at your side and the handle of the tube in your right hand. Make sure your right elbow is in front of your right hip and your right forearm is in front of your right thigh. Notice how I set up in the photo. You don’t have to make a backswing.

Impact Stretch From the address position, move your right knee toward your left knee and let the weight work in on the inside of your right foot. Allow, for a short iron, your right heel to come off the ground slightly. For a longer iron your foot may come up a touch more. Feel your right arm getting longer and extending as you move into impact while you maintain the angle, a slight cupping, in the back of your right wrist. The feeling of your right arm getting longer and keeping the angle in the back of the right wrist will encourage you to hit down and compress the ball. As your weight goes into your left leg let your left hip turn behind you. Compare your impact position to the photo.

As you go into the impact position hold that position for a few seconds. Repeat that stretch and hold, feeling where your body is at impact. This is a great way to work on flexibility and gain awareness of what impact should be. You can find a resistance tube at just about any sporting goods store and it will be a great addition to improving your game!


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