It's All About the Experience

David E. Collins Director of Sales Eagle Creek Golf ClubI had an ole friend that use to tell me it is all about the experience. It was always good for a laugh, but as we go through the daily process of trying to take our business to the next level it becomes more apparent. I recently visited Seattle and saw it first hand at Starbucks and Nordstrom’s but the best example was Pikes Fish Market.

Of course selling fish is stinky and gross but their little show separates them from the pack. But their actions have not only separated them from the other fish stores at the market, it has made them famous in the training world. They have shown us working stiffs that work can be fun. Bottom line is that their bottom line is probably pretty healthy because they understand it is all about the experience.

With that being said, it goes with a cost. Somebody is paying for them to practice their craft behind the scenes so they can throw the fish right over that ladies head and entertain the hundreds of people that are watching. (Compared to the five or six at the other fish counter.) And, most people crowding around the counter to see the show are not purchasing fish so there is a cost there.

But I am sure you will agree, in the long run passion, fun, and dedication will make your life easier and make your cash register sing so in this economic climate we need to be around our clients even more. A charity golf tournament with them, a lunch time bucket of balls, a junior clinic, a golf lunch and learn, or nine holes after hours. It takes effort to use golf but it will pay off.


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