Stay'n Alive - Develop a "Touch Plan"

David E. Collins Director of Sales Eagle Creek Golf ClubI recently read an article about nurturing leads and it reminded me about my early golf instruction struggles. It discussed that 90 percent of customer inquiries from an ads, sales presentations or other marketing efforts resulted in a sale for that company or one of their competitors. It went on to mention that many consumers did not buy right away.

Can you believe more than 40 percent bought a year later? Lastly, it mentioned how you need to create a touch plan to get those inquiries to move from the thinking about it stage to commitment or buying stage. How it reminded me of my early struggles was that it showed that most sales people don’t have a plan on keeping these inquiries interested.

If they did not want the product in a timely matter, then they must not be interested. Instead of keeping the inquiries live they just let them go. With that being said, keeping an inquiry live is not the “I’m calling to follow up” phone call. Proactive sales professionals have a touch plan that delivers information and ideas that are pertinent to the issues uncovered by thorough questioning. It might be articles from a trade publication, examples from other clients/best practices, or it might be from personal experience. It should include your e-zine.

So the moral to the story is that you can be a golf pro or a sales guy and do it the old fashioned way or you can be a true golf professional or a business development professional and take the proactive route. Your choice?

By the way, a great touch plan includes a day on the golf course. It provides you with four hours of time to really get to know your prospect’s needs and goals. C’mon…. I have to promote golf…


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