The Big Summer Golf Card®

The Big Summer Golf Card® is celebrating its 15th successful year of bringing discount golf fees to cardholders at the finest golf courses on the Suncoast. Introduced in 1993 with seventeen golf courses in the Sarasota area, the card has grown to now include over 60 great area courses, and has expanded it’s coverage from Ocala to Punta Gorda.

Big Summer Golf® is unique in many aspects and differs from other imitators in its commitment to the customer. Although privately owned, the BSGC takes much of its direction from the participating courses, with an advisory committee of operators and golf pros setting policy and governing cardholder benefits. The Big Summer Golf Card® has always been known for its focus on customer service at all of its courses.

For a $60. investment, golfers can gain unlimited prime time access to premium courses in over six counties, all within easy driving distance for very reasonable rates-some for as much as fifty percent off the regular public rate. Some courses also offer exceptional afternoon discounts, and also extend their lower golf prices beyond the six month period of the normal lifespan of the program.

Even occasional and visiting golfers can realize tremendous savings by just using the card for a week or two while on vacation. It doesn’t take visitors long to realize the savings, sometimes the card pays for itself after just playing two or three times.

Cardholders not only receive a brochure with a list of courses and information, but those who sign up for the electronic newsletters also are alerted to special seasonal and non-seasonal discounts that are not available to the general public. Expanding the multimedia platform further, the Big Summer Golf Card® will shortly announce a major expansion of course and cardholder benefits for the 2008 season, and there are also plans for a weekly television program showcasing the participating golf courses.

The card offers one of the largest collections of courses in a discount program on the west coast of Florida. Most of the golf clubs are semi-private, but golfers can also take advantage of summer play at selected private country clubs as a unique cardholder benefit. And if you are traveling to Orlando, several “stay and play packages” are available, including one offering play at two premier resort golf courses in the Orlando area, Falcon’s Fire Golf Club and Celebration Golf Club.

The success of the program is reflected in the numbers: over 180,000 cards have been sold to golfers during the past fifteen years and an estimated 4.3 million rounds have been played using the Big Summer Golf Card®. At the beginning of the 2000 season, Big Summer Golf® introduced the Big Money Tour™ an entertaining way for golfers to win cash and prizes. Unlike many skills competitions, on this “Tour” it doesn’t matter how you play, but how often. Scores are not important, no entry fee is required and golfers can enter as often as you like. Plus, you don’t even need to be a Big Summer Golf Cardholder to participate on the Tour.

Golfers receive a Big Money Tour™ card for the first month with their handbook, and when registering to play a round at any course, they have the desk staff stamp their card. Each month constitutes a tournament. When the golfer has completed five rounds in one calendar month, he or she leaves the card at the last course played, where it is entered into a drawing for prizes.

The courses always have cards available for the following month’s tournament. Six separate months of drawings from May through October offer fabulous prizes including complimentary golf, golf getaways, merchandise, gift certificates and cash. In the past six years approximately 500 golfers have won prizes by playing the Big Money Tour™. Over 3600 free rounds of golf have been awarded, $41,000 in cash prizes along with golf packages and merchandise in excess of $16,000, bringing the total prizes packages to approximately $130,000!

So what are you waiting for? Grab your Big Summer Golf Card®, pack your golf clubs and lace up your shoes. You’ve got some great golf courses to play this summer!

62 Participating Courses from Ocala to Punta Gorda offering up to 50% off Greens Fees and Carts from May through October 2007. Play as often as you like, with Prime Tee Times, and opportunities to win prizes on the BIG MONEY TOUR™

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For same-day savings, pick up your Big Summer Golf Card ® at a participating golf course.


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