A golf shirt made of plastic bottles? Really?

The golf apparel business has changed dramatically over the past few years.

Today, golfers not only want to look good, they want clothing that offers performance features to keep them dry and protected against the harmful UV rays.

One company that is leading the way is AUR; by reinventing not only itself as a company, but also the way it makes clothing.

Golfers are probably more familiar with the name Aureus.  It has been associated with quality golf clothing for decades. Aureus has changed its name to AUR to reflect a more contemporary design, technological innovations and current environmental consciousness.

AUR has introduced a new line of clothing reflecting those principals, aptly named AWARE.aurbrandheader.jpg











One of the fabrics used in this collection is called EcoSmartTM . It's made from recycled polyester yarn. Recycled polyester yarn is made from plastic post-consumer based products - plastic bottles.

 The benefits of the fabric are moisture management and easy care. It's fast-drying, naturally absorbent, and contains added UV protection and anti-odor properties.

 Recycled polyester yarn is also environmentally friendly compared to regular polyester production because it reduces fossil fuel consumption and green house gases.

The new AUR AWARE men's collection of shirts, shorts, slacks, traditional cardigans, v-neck sweaters and jackets is available in a myriad of colors to mix and match. The tradition styles with a contemporary edge, combine great quality with performance.

So, the next time you are in a golf shop, take the time to read the labels on the clothing. Don't only think about style and color, but also consider the performance of the fabric and the environmental impact when updating your wardrobe.  The result is you will be dry in the Florida heat and humidity, protected from the sun, more comfortable and environmentally responsible.  


AUR is a division of Montreal based Fletcher Leisure Group. Fletcher was founded in 1966 and remains one of Canada's largest sporting goods companies Brands include Sunice, AUR, Storm Pack and Adams Golf. Visit your local golf store or aur.com



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