Butch Harmon instructional DVD set released  

After all your dad has taught you, maybe it’s time to teach him a thing or two. What's better than the gift of learning golf from a teacher Golf Digest has ranked America's best for the past 11 years?
Butch Harmon's two-disc instructional set, "Butch Harmon About Golf," contains more than 250 specific tips and is four hours in length.

It is not only instructional, it's entertaining.

The lessons begin with the basic fundamentals of setup, grip, stance, waggle, takeaway and ball-striking. Harmon moves on to clearly identify faults and the fixes, like hitting it fat and swinging too fast. He even addresses anger management.

You feel like you are sitting in your living room with your father as he communicates the drills precisely and adds encouragement and motivation. Then he continues with specialty shots, short game, sand play, putting and club selection.

There are specific chapters that address golf for kids, women, seniors and physical fitness.

"My thoughts were to create a DVD that was designed to help your game, capture and retain your interest, and to entertain you," Harmon said. "Unlike any other golf instructional DVD ever produced, I'll share my thoughts supplemented with those of the game's greatest golfers that I've had the privilege of working with."

The DVD set is available for $79.95 online at www.butchharmondvd.com . A portion of the proceeds goes to the Troops First Foundation.


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