Golfer finds simple solution to better swing

Like many novice golfers, Dana Clark signed up for a series of lessons to develop a good swing. She soon found out her continuous slice was caused by a "chicken wing," also known as a “flying elbow.” It's a problem that plagues many amateur golfers.

To fix the problem, Clark's instructor showed her the trusted Towel Drill, where the golfer places a towel under the armpit. At the top of the backswing, the towel should still be in place. Keeping the towel tucked creates more power, control and consistency. Golf instructors have been teaching this drill for ages with either a towel or a club head cover as a training aid.

Clark thought the drill was helpful but wondered how ridiculous she looked with a golf towel tucked under her armpit. She didn't like the idea of sweating all over her head cover, either.
So this new golfer created a training aid, one so simple it has everyone from seasoned golf writers to golf professionals shaking their heads and asking, "Why didn't I think of that?"

After two years in research and development with golf instructors and golfers, the swedge recently won the ING Conference Best award for products at the spring conference of the International Network of Golf.

The swedge is a small, washable half-moon pillow covered with a microfiber casing. It comes in three colors, with a clip to attach to your golf bag. It can be custom-logoed, even in small quantities for promotions, gifts or tournaments prizes. It is made in the USA.

The swedge can be purchased online at for $29.99 and is available exclusively at Golfsmith retailers nationwide.


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