Haney's take on Tiger

 Renowned golf instructor Hank Haney spent six years coaching Tiger Woods, a player he calls “the greatest golfer who’s ever lived.”

In an exclusive excerpt from his new book with Golf Digest Senior Writer Jaime Diaz, Haney offers an insider's look at one of professional sports' most enigmatic athletes. The excerpt appeared in the April issue of Golf Digest (on tablets February 28 and on newsstands March 6).

 In the excerpt, Haney, a Golf Digest teaching professional, describes the moment when he heard he got the job as Woods' coach: "I feel as though I won the lottery..."

Haney describes the details of finding a solution to Tiger's wild driver shots through a significant grip change, which he characterizes as "the fastest Tiger ever accepted any change I ever proposed to him, and the astounding thing is that it was probably the biggest change we ever made."   

Haney also reveals his mounting concern about Tiger's obsession with the military, particularly a desire to train like and actually become a Navy SEAL: "the lengths he went to make a SEALs career a real possibility still stun me."

The excerpt illuminates a side of Tiger the public has never seen. "One of the adjectives most used to describe Tiger Woods was fearless," Haney says. "But the more I observed him close up, the more it became clear: he wasn't."

 In addition to the excerpt from the book, the tablet edition of Golf Digest includes an exclusive video featuring Haney and Diaz. In it, Haney explains why he wrote the book and what he thinks Woods will think after reading it, and Diaz details what he learned about Tiger through working on the book with Haney. The tablet edition of Golf Digest is available on the iPad®, the Kindle Fire® and the Nook®.


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