Herbie's One Putt Wedge

Even on the PGA Tour, long irons are all but extinct, the great majority of players having long since abandoned the hard-to-hit irons in favor of far more user-friendly hybrids.

Imagine applying that same hybrid technology to the short game.  That's exactly what Herb Hyman and Kit Mungo did when they created Herbie's One Putt Wedge.

Just as the hybrid blends the control of an iron with the ease of a fairway wood, the One Putt Wedge combines the mass and weight associated with mallet putters with the flange and sharp leading edge of the traditional sand wedge, making it perfectly suited for a variety of shots from any lie, including the fairway, rough and sand.  Further, because the One Putt Wedge is shorter and more upright than the traditional wedge, it is designed to be used with a pendulum stroke, similar to one's own putting stroke, thus making chips, pitches and blasts much easier to execute and control for many golfers.

Jay Radzavicz, producer of Golf Channel's Champions Tour Learning Center, called the One Putt Wedge "a golf club for the 21st century."  And Kenny Perry, winner of 14 PGA Tour titles and a member of four Presidents Cup and two Ryder Cup teams, called it "a great club for the 12 handicap and above."

herbieswedge1.jpgCalling on more than 25 years' experience in the club design and fitting business, Mungo engineered the One Putt Wedge with the shaft of the club leaning forward to automatically position the player's hands slightly ahead of the ball. Working with the low center of gravity, the design promotes a crisp, downward strike using a simple, efficient pendulum stroke.

The club features 48 degrees of loft, but its design allows players to hit a wide variety of shots, from low, running chips to high, soft-landing shots, from a variety of lies, from closely mown turf to deep bunkers.

"I tried every conceivable lie and the wedge performed flawlessly," said Champions Tour player Dick Mast.

The One Putt Wedge conforms to USGA Rules of Golf and is legal for tournament play at any level.

The recent winner of the International Network of Golf's Best New Product award, Herbie's One Putt Wedge retails for $139 and is available for both men and women in both right- and left-hand models at http://oneputtwedge.bvcommerce.com.  


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