If not miracle golf balls, how about a ball you can find in the rough?

Chromax is a new brand of golf balls. It's metallic inner coating reflects sunlight through the clear cover for unprecedented visibility and ease in tracking the trajectory and distance of the ball's flight.

Chromax is not only the easiest ball to see in the air and on the grass, but it is also one of the easy to play.

Available in the 75 compression M1x for slower swing speeds, and the 85 compression M2x for faster swing speeds, all Chromax balls conform to USGA and R&A tournament specifications. 

Chromax is a 2 piece, soft feel ball that is USGA legal for tournament play.chromax package.jpg

Available in several different metallic colors including silver and gold, the balls are available at local pro shops and online at http://www.chromaxgolf.com


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