New Product - Supports your core

Jox Golf Shorts were designed as a therapeutic undergarment for golfers who need back support and lower body comfort.
Jox is more than a compression short attached to aback support belt. The Core Support Panel built into the front of the shorts provides a core stabilizer over the midline of the wearer. This core stabilizer assists in the proper aligning of the spine when the belt is securely fastened. The Jox belt is made from a unique and patented fabric which wicks moisture away from the body, is breathable, and antibacterial. The antibacterial and antimicrobial properties discourage bacterial growth and odor. The compression shorts are made of high grade spandex. they are breathable, provide enhanced circulation, assist in reducing lactic acid buildup, and relax the lower body and upper leg muscles.

Jox Golf Shorts are a unique product. The posterior mid transverse section of the belt supports the L4, L5, and lumbosacrel aspects of
joxshorts.jpg the spinal column, providing a strong-hinge like effect for the upper torso, reinforcing support at the axis of rotation. This structural support provides extra support for fatigued or weak muscles. Clinical trials showed a 19% decrease in pressure on the lower back among subjects who wore Jox Golf Shorts versus those who didn't.

Jox Golf Shorts are the only garment that provides back and core support with the option of added therapeutic hot and cold treatment capabilities. On the inside of the core support belt is a pouch to accommodate our instant Jox Hot nad Cold Pax. These are used to relieve inflammation, back pain, muscle tension and are disposable after use.

Lastly, Jox Golf Shorts are worn in place of one's undergarment, which enhances comfort, flexibility, and cannot be easily detected by others. Only the user knows that his or her aches and pains are being reduced by this wonderful new product.

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