Putting tip from Dave Pelz

After you putt, it is important to hold the finish position of your stroke until the ball stops and you can see the results.

The correlation between your stroke and how the ball rolled will never be fresher in your mind. This is the feedback you need to prepare your subconscious to play your best in the future.

Biofeedback studies have shown that a human's short-term memory is very short: Every eight seconds you lose about 30% of the sensations or feelings you have generated - if no new one comes along. But if you move and add new sensations before your putt has stopped, the new feelings immediately cover up the old.

If you can make a habit of holding your finish and retaining you feel of the stroke you just made as each putt rolls, then what you see and feel within those first eight seconds will be correlated in your mind. This will optimize your stroke improvement process and your future putting touch.
   --- Dave Pelz


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