Read inducted into LPGA Teaching Hall

 Jane Read recalls traveling unpaved back roads to play LPGA Tour events in the 1960s.

“It was like a traveling sorority,” she said. “We had fun and watched out for each other.”

She won less than $5,000 in any one year playing the tour as Jane Woodworth, and when she quit the tour to get married and raise a family, the native of Hollywood, Florida began a long teaching career.

But it wasn’t an easy journey.

I made $4 for a lesson and the head pro would take $2,” she said. “I taught for 12 hours a day.”

Fast forward to 2011. As a teaching pro at the River Club in Manatee County for the past six years, Read is semi-retired but gives two lessons per day and charges $65 a lesson.

Two weeks ago, Read, 68, was inducted into the LPGA Teaching and Club Pro Hall of Fame at Grand Cypress in Orlando.

 “It is the pinnacle of one’s career,” she said.

It all started for her in 1968. As a member of the LPGA Tour, she sat in a players’ meeting listening to Kathy Whitworth speak. Whitworth announced that the LPGA’s teaching division was going to be dropped because there was nobody to chair it.

“That’s when Penny Zavichas poked me and put my hand up in the air,” said Read. “If it meant saving the teaching division, I’d do it.”

Eventually, Read’s own role as the LPGA Teaching Division Chairperson was what is now known as the LPGA National President, Teaching and Club Professionals.

“The T&CP has grown beyond my biggest dreams,” said Read, a Master Life LPGA member who was the 1980 National Teacher of the Year. “It’s outstanding what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

She spent 25 years at Orangebrook Golf and Country Club in Hollywood in various roles. When her husband got transferred to the Sarasota-Bradenton area, Read eventually ended up at the River Club.

Along the way, Read raised two children and has four grandchildren.


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