Sara Bay offers new membership opportunities

Sara Bay Country Club’s board has recently approved membership programs intended to grow the number of younger members at Sara Bay.

Here are the Sara Bay membership categories:

Owner Member
The Owner Members of Sara Bay Country Club enjoy full use of the club's golf and dining facilities. They are eligible to take part in all golf and social events. Owner Members have full voting rights and may serve on the club's Board of Directors.
Initiation Fee $8,000; Total Monthly Dues $622.42; Annual F&B minimum $1,200

Executive Member
Executive Members of Sara Bay are between 21 and 50 years of age. They enjoy full use of the club and reduced dues from those of the owner member classification. Initiation Fee $8,000
Young Executive (Age 20 - 29):  Monthly Dues: $200; Annual F & B minimum $600
Intermediate Executive (Age 30 - 39):  Monthly Dues: $300; Annual F & B minimum $800
Executive (Age 40 - 49):  Monthly Dues: $409.96; Annual F & B minimum $1,200

Associate Golf Member
Associate Golf Members enjoy full dining privileges and restricted golf course usage. They pay a reduced guest fee with each round. In the summer season (May 1 - October 31) the number of rounds is unrestricted. During the winter season (November 1 - April 30) play is restricted to 6 rounds per person on the membership, stag days and invitationals are not included in this count.
Initiation Fee $500; Total Monthly Dues $158.28; Annual F&B minimum $400  

Dining Member
Dining Members of Sara Bay enjoy full dining privileges. They may take part in all social activities.
Initiation Fee $0; Total Monthly Dues $84.90; Annual F&B minimum $0

Business Membership
The Business Membership includes one Principal Member and up to three Associate Members. The Principal Member's classification shall be that of Owner Member. The Associate Members may apply under any of the current membership classifications.
Initiation Fee $13,000; Monthly Dues & F&B minimum per classification.

Junior Golfer Membership
Junior Membership is designed for players between 12 - 19 years of age. Course Access based upon availability. Includes unlimited Green Fees, Junior Tournaments, Golf Clinics, USGA Handicap and use of Practice Facilities.
Initiation Fee $0; Total Annual Dues $450; Annual F&B minimum $0    

* In each membership category membership entitles the member, their spouse and dependent children under age 26 who live with the member to the privileges of membership.
* Monthly Dues amounts include Tax, Capital Replacement Fund contribution and Debt Retirement contribution.
* Initiation Fee amounts are subject to state sales tax of 6.5%.
* Single Golf Membership is available to surviving spouses of Owner Members.

   For membership details, contact: Gavin Darbyshire, PGA, 941-355-7658 or

    For additional information about Sara Bay Country Club, visit:  


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