Sunice Silver - The only Golf Polo in the World featuring actual silver woven into the fabric.

2012 will be a stand-out year for Sunice Silver as it broadens its horizons into the US marketplace with a technical polo that is truly unlike any other polo in the market.

At the core of this collection is the most conductive element known to man, silver.
Sunice is a well-known leader in high performance technical fabrics.  When entering the golf shirt category our sole focus was to identify a fabric technology that would be unique to the market and deliver the highest level of performance available on the market.
X-Static® is the ultimate example of the fusion of various types of performance characteristics into one fabric.graysunice.jpg
By permanently bonding a layer of pure silver to the surface of a textile fiber, we are able to offer golfers the benefits of pure silver. The performance of this garment will not wash away.  X-Static® visible technology (you can see the silver fibers in the shirt - evident by looking at the backside of the shirt) offers performance features incomparable to any other moisture wicking collection.
X-Static Fabric:
Thermal conductivity: In warm weather, when conduction is the primary means of heat transfer, X-Static® enhances the body's natural actions by accelerating the conduction from the body. Apparel without X-Static® technology would simply be a barrier to heat conduction. Silver is the most thermally conductive element on the planet. X-Static®, therefore, works quickly to evenly distribute and transfer heat through the product.
Moisture Wicking
X-Static® enhances the natural movement of moisture through hydrophobic materials by using evaporation. When X-Static® is placed in a moist environment with another hydrophobic material;
the conductivity of X-Static® will act to accelerate evaporation.
This allows for moisture to be transported away from the body faster creating a dryer, more comfortable environment.sunred.jpg
Odor comes from bacteria or microbes. The anti-microbial characteristics of silver prevent the growth of bacteria therefore eliminating potential odors.
100%. Safe and non-toxic, containing no chemical or pesticides.
X-static® fabric will dissipate electrostatic charges allowing the garment to move more freely and not stick to your body or another layer.


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