Talbot Club members enjoy simultaneous membership in four leading private clubs

Unlimited access to The Founders Club, Lakewood Ranch Golf & Country Club, Sara Bay Country Club and TPC Prestancia, plus a select range of amenities, from May through October

Talbot Club, Inc. today announced the launch of Talbot Club Private Access Golf, a new golf savings membership program that enables members to enjoy simultaneous membership in four of Florida's leading private clubs, encompassing unlimited play at seven world-class private courses, from May through October for only $650.

"Unlike conventional golf savings cards and programs, only Talbot Club enables golfers to enjoy genuine private club membership, linda.jpgincluding unlimited play as well as the substantial personal and business networking benefits," said Linda Talbot, President and Founder. "What's more, Talbot Club members enjoy membership in all four private clubs at the same time for only $650 total. This is a savings of many thousands of dollars compared to the amount a golfer would have to pay to become a member of each of these private clubs individually."

Talbot is also the founder and president of BIG SUMMER GOLF CARD, the number one golf savings card in Florida with over 275,000 cards purchased since its launch in 1993. "While Big Summer Golf Card offers private club play, it does so on a limited basis," said Talbot. "We increasingly received requests from Big Summer Golf card holders and other golfers for a program that offers a true private club membership experience. Talbot Club delivers exactly that."

While Talbot Club delivers the prestige associated with genuine membership in four leading private clubs, Talbot decided on a $650 membership fee to ensure that Talbot Club members also realize great value for the money. "The $650 membership fee covering all four private clubs over the full six month membership period equates to only $27 per club per month," said Talbot. "Where else is a golfer going to be able to be a member of a prestigious private club like Sara Bay, for example, for $27 a month?"

After golfers purchase their Talbot Club membership they can play any of the seven private courses for a private access golf fee that ranges from $38-$40. For complete details call 941-923-1135 or visit www.talbotclub.com


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